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Snow On 15th Street Charity Event

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Yes! Our 3rd annual Snow On 15th Street is back and better than ever! We are so very excited to host this annual event to focus our attention on helping our surrounding community.

Our event may only happen once a year, but the impact will last forever! Have you seen what has happened since our initial donations took place just 3 years ago? So many of the homeless have been fed and saved. The local community is our family, no matter what the size, we CAN make a difference!

But, that is not to say that it has to stop there. Our outreach has inspired so many around us and even on social media that we are receiving attention from corporate sponsors who have stepped up and are going to be filling 1000 gifts!

Get ready! It’s time for another powerful year. Join us for 3rd annual Snow On 15th Street gathering! You will not be disappointed!!

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